Cheerleading Essentials – Don’t Leave Home Without Them

The days are getting shorter, nights a little cooler, and school will soon resume. Fall is almost here and that can only mean one thing: football season.

Fall is one of the most demanding and time-consuming seasons for cheerleaders. These months are often filled with football games, pep rallies, homecoming activities, and possibly even a parade or two.

Between cheerleading and school you’ll hardly get the opportunity to relax and unwind. This busy schedule means you need to prepare ahead of time. By ensuring that your cheerleading bag is filled with all the essentials, you can make it through these chaotic and fun months.

Here are a few crucial items no cheerleader should leave home without:

Cheer Clothes
There is an array of cheerleading clothes you must have in your cheerleading bag. Warm-up suits are great to show that you are serious about cheerleading and provide team unity. Don’t forget to pack cheer spankies or briefs for under your uniform–that’s one thing that will really be embarrassing to forget! Always have a spare pair in your cheer bag just in case. You might save a teammate’s night with it as well.

Hair Ties and Ribbons

Make sure you have an adequate supply of bows and hair ties in your cheerleading bag. While you may have your hair perfectly straightened or in beautiful curls before the game, the vigorous movement, humidity, or weather can ruin even the most well-prepared hair. Having a hair tie and a ribbon in your bag will help you ward off bad hair embarrassment. Bows and ribbons are also a fun way to show off your school spirit.


While it may seem obvious, a brush may be overlooked when packing your cheerleading bag. A brush or comb will come handy when you need to pull your hair out of your face or tame some tangled locks.

Hair Spray

Keeping your hair in place while jumping and stunting is often an impossible task. To ensure your hair stays as secure as possible, pack a bottle of extra hold hairspray to keep everything in place.

Body Glitter/Face Paint

Keep some body glitter and face paint stored in a plastic bag or container in your cheer bag. Face paint and glitter are useful during football games, pep rallies, or parades to show support for the football team or your school. Glitter, face paint, and makeup also make cost-effective and practical cheerleading gifts for your squad.

Lip Care

Keep your lips moisturized and looking good by storing a tube of your favorite gloss or protective lip balm in your cheer bag. Gloss adds more than just extra shine to your smile, it boosts your confidence. Wind, cold weather, and prolonged sun exposure can damage your lips. Make sure you carry a gloss that has sunscreen and moisturizing agents to help prevent cracked and sore lips, or use in combination with lip balm.


Be sure to pack some healthy snacks in your bag, and bring enough to share with your friends. Some trail mix, dried fruit, even veggies and hummus will go a long way to keeping you fueled and ready to perform. Say “no thanks” to those concession stand nachos–that mystery cheese is no fun to get out of your uniform anyway!

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