5 Ways to Repurpose your Prom Dress

Most of us have a prom dress or two hidden in the depths of our closet and do not know what to do with it now that the long awaited prom is over. Jovani prom dresses, vintage prom dresses or whatever style it may be–it is not doing any good hanging in the back of your closet. 

Pull the prom dress out and clean off the dust. There are so many ways to repurpose that stunning dress you loved.

Create a Halloween costume. Prom dresses can be the base for many Halloween costumes. You could be a zombie bride or the bride of Frankenstein with just a few alterations like tearing up the seam or changing the neckline. Apply some makeup and a veil and you will have an inexpensive Halloween costume. Another idea is using that beloved prom dress as a Miss America or Miss Universe dress. Add a sash with some press-on letters found at your local craft store and find a crown to complete the costume.

Wear it to another formal event. Prom dresses make wonderful evening dresses. Wear it to another school formal or holiday party. Have a wedding coming up?  Wear the prom dress. Get festive and throw a holiday party with formal attire as the dress code and the prom dress will come in handy once again.

Make it into a new outfit. Rework that dress! Dye it a new color, or alter it to make a new dress, shirt, or corset top. If you’re not so crafty, take the dress to a tailor and get it altered to cocktail length. The possibilities to give the prom dress a new look are endless, especially if your tailor will give you their expert advice. A little makeover to that prom dress can completely change its look.

Sell it online. Tired of the prom dress? List it on an online auction site and make some extra cash! Listing the dress takes almost no time. Snap a few photos of it, upload them and watch the bids come in.

Donate it to your local thrift store. A high school girl in your area will be more than lucky to find a great prom dress at a local secondhand store or thrift store. Traditional dresses, modern dresses, or even Mac Duggal dresses–a thrift store will be sure your old prom dress goes to good use. What could be better than to know you are helping a local teenager have as much fun as you had on your prom night?


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